A glimpse and love offering from our weekly meetings with the folks who inspired it all...

January 25, 2024

What are the possibilities of love and companionship after surviving the death of your spouse?

Living alone and connecting with others in social settings, having a roommate, a dog or cat, companion (non-romantic), and/or new romantic relationship with or without expectation/desire/hope for remarriage. Each person is different. You may land on the spectrum in any number of places. It can be hard to understand how others land so far away from you, but everyone has to do it in the way that makes the most sense to them. Loneliness is a primary and consistent problem. How do you cope with it?

January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! Some fruit from our first meeting of the new year...
1. One possible mindset on this first day of 2024: This is the first day of the rest of your life. It can be good and blessed.
2. Sometimes there are pleasant surprises - like kids who step up and give you the bag of M&Ms that your husband always gave you at Christmastime, or framed letters from your husband.

3. You can have a "good" Christmas and still be glad it is over with. (Most everybody)
4. Lesson from 2023: Resilience has been gained. Moving from a place of needing help to helping others in need.
5. Plans give hope. Especially when they are made with family in sunny places!